Minature Double Doodle Puppies!

Abbey and Texas' puppies have arrived!  They were born Tuesday, April 11 and will be ready to go to their forever homes in mid-June. 

These beautiful Double Doodles (F1b Aussiedoodle/F1b Labradoodle) have a wonderful assortment of colors and  non shedding coats.  They will be about 15-25 pounds full grown (Abbey is 21lbs and Texas just over 30) 

Below are their newborn pictures.  Be sure to check out the scrapbook too!


Red Girl!!


Pink Girl!!


Yellow Boy!!


Multi Girl!!


Lime Girl!!


Purple Girl!! 


Teal Girl!!


Abbey's Waiting List

1. Breeder's Choice Guardian Family
2. Felkins Family (Guardian) Northport, AL
3. Wunder Family (Rally pup) Atlanta, GA
4. Stewart Family Gastonia, NC
5. Tiller Family Witchita, KS
6. Waldroup Family Hiawasee, FL
7. Marbach Family (two lists) Dunwoody, GA