Choosing a Puppy



 Puppy selection is a very exciting time for families. Our goal is to match up your families life style and personality with the  puppy who will compliment and best meet your  families activity level and daily expectations.

We feel that this is one of the most important considerations when choosing a puppy to become the newest member of your family, both for you and  for our puppy!!!

Beginning at 4 weeks of age if all is well, we allow families who wish to come and visit the pups. We ask that you do not go to another breeeder or any place that has alot of dog traffic before you come to visit us as the pups are not vaccinated yet and this could cause serious illness in the puppies if they are exposed to a disease.

For families who can not visit we welcome calls to discuss the progress of the puppies and what type of personality would be a good fit for your family.

When the pups are 7 weeks old our vet comes to our home and does a thorough health exam of each puppy. She also inserts their microchips and they receive the first of their vaccinations. Then we start the selection process by contacting each family on the waiting list and help them to select their puppy from the available pups. This is done in the order of puppy applications and deposits received.