Belle and Jocko have had their puppies! These medium multigen English Goldendoodle puppies have a beautiful non shedding fleece coats and will have excellent temperaments. The puppies were brought into the world on May 5th, 2017! Check out the cute pups below!  click here to see their albums and click here to see them on the puppy cam. 


Starting off with a bang, is little Red Boy! He was first at 12:56 pm, weighing in at 11 and a half ounces!


Next we have Green Boy, who weighs in at 12 ounces, being the biggest in this litter! He was born at 2:45 pm.


The next is sweet little Pink Girl, who was the only girl in her litter! She weighs 10 ounces and was born at 4:50 pm.


Teal Boy followed at 5:00 pm, weighing in at 9 ounces, making him the smallest in his litter!


Up next is Yellow Boy, who was born at 7:08 pm! This beautiful boy weighs in at 10 ounces.


Second to last is Multi Boy, who weighs 10 and a half ounces! He was born at 7:20 pm.


Last but certainly not least, is Purple Boy! This handsome little man was born at 10:00 pm and weighs 11 and a half ounces!