Prices & Deposits


Puppy Adoption Prices!

  Your  non refundable deposit comes off the price of the puppy at adoption time!


Medium to Standard  English Goldendoodles 

 Adoption price                                                                            $2,500.00    

Non Refundable Deposit                                                               $300.00


Mini Goldendoodles 

Adoption Price                                                                              $2500.00

Non Refundable Deposit                                                              $300.00



Adoption price                                                                                  $2500.00    

 Non Refundable Deposit                                                                 $300.00


SERVICE DOGS:  Families requesting to be considered for a puppy to train as a service dog MUST have a trainer involved who will come and access a litter for the best match for the family given the needs the service dog will be trained to do... This is not an inexpensive process.  I require an additional $500 as well.  Contact me if there is truly a need for this with your family..If local to Atlanta contact Mark Spivak at CPT dog training for assistance...  Please click the CPT link provided to learn more how the process works.