Welcome to our Puppy Nursery!!!

This is a live stream from our puppy nursery in our whelping room. You may watch the pups as they grow from here until they are moved to our outside nursery between four to five weeks of age depending on their size etc. It may be off occasionally so don't worry if you can not log on.... We all need a bit of privacy now and then I am turning it off around 10 pm and then turning it back on in the AM after I get the morning chores done.

I will also be keeping the cam on when puppies are being born. You may follow along as the time gets closer while I am posting temperatures on the upcoming litters page. If you wish to log on and witness a birth you can, but very often it is in the middle of the night and can be a long, slow process. Much patience is needed!!

To access the camera click on the link to the litter that you would like to see. 


Chloe and Benz's litter:

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Bella and Jackson's litter:

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Not active

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