Upcoming Litters

Welcome to the Abounding Grace Doodles' upcoming litter page!

Thank you for taking the time to check out the puppies we have here. This page is dedicated to all my litters that are currently on the ground and the ones that we're expecting. Click here to read how my puppy process works!


All puppies born at Abounding Grace Doodles come from fully health tested parents. We are a Blue Ribbon Member of GANA (Goldendoodle Association of North America) who holds its breeder members to the highest standards. These pups will be well socialized as much as is safely possible with children, other dogs, and families. They will undergo early neural stimulation the first two weeks of their life and come home to you at 8 weeks of age with a full health exam by a veternarian at 7 weeks old, microchipped, wormed at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks old, first shots and have a two year health guarentee. They are born and raised in my home with access to an outside puppy play area during the day after they are old enough to go outside. They are exposed to many new sites and sounds in and around the home. These puppies will receive plenty of attention, playtime and love to ensure that you will be taking home a puppy with the best start in life possible. Our main goal is for families to have a wonderful pup and our pups to have wonderful families.

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We are excited to announce we will be expecting litters during 

Spring - Fall 2021

Thank you!!



Bunker is proud as he can be!!



Her estimated due date is HALLOWEEN!!!

We will be taking Darby's temperature each day.  When it drops below 98 degrees, her puppy cam will be turned on and we will notify the families on her waitlist.  The link to Darby's camera is here....




Their puppies will be adorable mini Doubledoodles (Goldendoodle/Labradoodle)

around 15 to 25 lbs. with beautiful non-shedding fleece coats.

Abounding Grace's Darling Darby is a precious, wavy coated princess weighing only 15 lbs.  She loves to run, hike & jump with her brothers and sister on her farm.  She is just as likely to jump in her Mom's lap for a snuggle.  Darby lives with her wonderful guardian family in Monroe, GA



Bunker is a 20 lb. adorable miniature Southern Charms Labradoodle dressed in a red fleece coat with striking white markings.

He is fun, happy-go-lucky, loving and sometimes mischievous, but utterly adorable.  

Darby's Litter - Waiting List 

1.  Weatherly Family - Guardian - Purple Girl Marietta, GA
2. Siegel Family - Green Boy Atlanta, GA
3. Remmert Family - Pink Girl Atlanta, GA
4. Cutcher Family - Aqua Boy Atlanta, GA
5. Saddington Family - Orange Boy Norcross, GA


Pink Girl born at 12:45 pm Weight 7 oz.

Aqua Boy born at 1:14 pm Weight 7 oz.


Purple Girl born at 1:37 pm Weight 6 oz.

Green Boy born at 2:19 pm Weight 7 oz.

Orange Boy born at 2:48 pm Weight 7.5 oz.


Once Upon A Time "STORY"

Delivered 6 BOYS and 3 GIRLS on Nov. 3rd 

Camo is a very proud Dad!!

He was expecting 6-7...he's quite tickled about all 9 pups.

Newborn puppy photos are below the family waitlist....

The link to Story's camera is here....



Their puppies will be beautiful Doubledoodles (Aussiedoodle/Labradoodle) around 30-45 lbs.

Story (Abounding Grace's Once Upon A Time) is a 3 yr old large medium Aussiedoodle.  

She is a caramel & white parti with amber eyes and has a silky, non-shedding fleece coat.  Story has received competition training for obedience since she was a puppy.  She shows much potential and we are hoping to place many obedience titles on her in the future.  This is her first litter.  


Southern Charms Sir Camo Flage has a deep, dark chocolate, wavy fleece coat with white markings.  He is an extremely sweet, caring soul.  He loves to play with his humans and other dogs. He rides to school every day to pick up his kids.  Everyone recognizes him hanging his head out the window.  

  Story's Litter - Waiting List

1. Goins Family - Guardian - Pink Girl Suwanee, GA
2 Rumbaugh Family - Guardian- Multi Boy Buford, GA
3. Lowther Family - Yellow Girl Brookhaven, GA
4. Kingsley Family - Multi Girl Annapolis, MD
5. Childers Family - Purple Boy Fairmount, GA
6. Diamond Family - Green Boy Decatur, GA
7.  Wheeler Family - Red Boy Dunwoody, GA
8.  Goldstein - Aqua Boy  Norcross, GA
9.  Radin - Lime Boy Charlotte, NC

AQUA Boy - red & white parti w/ full tail - birth weight 9.5 oz.

GREEN Boy - apricot w/ full tail - birth weight 10.5 oz.

PURPLE Boy - chocolate & white parti w/ full tail - birth weight 10.5 oz.

MULTI Boy - chocolate merle w/ 1/4 tail - birth weight 11.5 oz.

RED Boy - chocolate & white parti w/ full tail - birth weight 10 oz. 

LIME Boy - cream w/ 1/2 tail - birth weight 10 oz.

MULTI Girl - red with white trim & full tail - birth weight 11 oz. 

PINK Girl - chocolate merle & white parti w/ 3/4 tail - birth weight 9.5 oz.

YELLOW Girl - red & white parti w/ full tail - birth weight 8.5 oz.



Bella B. delivered 4 Girls & 2 Boys last night 

Tucker is one proud Papa!!

We will be posting puppy photos on this page as soon as we can.  There are a few on my FB page that were taken right after their birth.  


Both parents are fully health tested.  Pregnancy will be confirmed with ultrasound Oct. 7-10th.  Due date will be Nov. 11th.

We will be creating Bella's waitlist below.....

Their puppies will be beautiful Doubledoodles (Goldendoodle/Labradoodles) around 30-35 pounds



Tucker is a handsome caramel boy from Asher Farm Labradoodles.  Tucker is a sweet, loving boy who adores his guardian family.  


Bella B. is a playful, loving Double Doodle (Goldendoodle/Labradoodle).  She loves swimming in the lake, going on runs, and taking rides in the car and the boat.  You will always find her with a ball nearby.  She has a best friend, Ellie (Labradoodle) that she plays with all the time.  Bella is deeply loved by her guardian family, the Barkleys.  

Bella's Litter - Waiting List

1. Horkan Family - Guardian - Red Girl Atlanta, GA
2. Harris Family - Teal Girl Atlanta, GA
3. Rothberg Family - Purple Girl Dunwoody, GA
4. Tauritz Family - Green Boy Auburn, AL
5. Wallace Family - Pink Girl Fayetteville, GA
6.  Barkley Family - Multi Boy TN

Pink Girl born at 8:30 pm Weight 9 oz.

Multi Boy born at 9:50 pm Weight 10 oz.

Red Girl born at 10:50 pm Weight 11 oz.

Green Boy born at 11:35 pm Weight 10 oz.

Teal Girl born at 1:50 am Weight 10.5 oz.

Purple Girl born at 1:55 am Weight 11 oz.




Daisy J. delivered 11 healthy puppies on Dec. 8th

There are 8 pretty girls and 3 handsome boys

HERE IS THE LINK TO DAISY'S PUPPY CAM AT ASHER FARM LABRADOODLES (Tucker's Breeder):  https://video.nest.com/live/4dGHULBuT2

I have posted a few newborn photos on my FB page

Both parents are fully health tested.  Pregnancy was confirmed with ultrasound Nov. 3rd  

Their puppies will be beautiful Doubledoodles around 35ish-50 lbs.


Daisy is a beautiful apricot Doubledoodle with a wonderful fleece coat.  She has an excellent temperament and is happy, outgoing, and loves people.  She lives with the Joseph family, her wonderful guardians.  She has always exhibited great trainability and loves to swim.  

We are so excited to welcome her first litter to Abounding Grace!


Tucker is a handsome caramel Labradoodle from Asher Farm Labradoodles.  He is a sweet, loving boy who adores his guardian family.

1.  Sobel Family - Guardian  Atlanta, GA
2. Possible Guardian Family  
3. Lusher Family Suwanee, GA
4. Lothschuetz Family Fairfax, VA
5. Robertson  Family Summerville Family
6.  Harbin Family Dallas, GA
7. Levitt Family Alpharetta, GA
8. Fields Family Acworth, GA
9. Williams Family Lawrenceville Family
10. Martter Family Atlanta, GA
11. Pending  

Aqua Boy 12 oz.

Aqua Girl 11.5 oz.

Yellow Girl 12.5 oz.

Lime Girl 9.5 oz.

Orange Girl 8.5 oz.

Red Boy 14 oz.

Multi Boy 11 oz.

Teal Girl 12 oz.

Purple  Girl 11 oz.

Green Girl 11.5 oz.

Pink Girl 11 oz.



Josie delivered 8 precious pups on Dec. 26th

Here is a link to her puppy cam:


Both parents are fully health tested.  Pregnancy was confirmed with ultrasound Dec. 2nd.


Josie is a Goldendoodle who lives in McDonough, GA with her guardian family that includes 2 other dogs.  She's a quirky girl who loves chasing balls, car rides, and wandering the aisles of Home Depot.  Prior to Covid, she was a regular patio patron and people watcher at a nearby Mexican restaurant.  She plays well with other animals and little humans.  


Dexter is a beautiful, outgoing, happy boy.  He weighs 48 lbs. and is a red & white small standard poodle.  He's never met a stranger and loves everyone.  He is currently in obedience training and we hope to be showing him in obedience soon.  He has his Canine Good Citizen.  He lives in Covington, GA and is owned by Abounding Grace Doodles and Dreamcatcher Doodles.  

1. Possible Guardian Family  
2. Possible Guardian Family  



We will be placing families on specific waiting lists when  pregnancies have been confirmed. Once you select your puppy and take them home, your name will be removed from the master list. Please let us know if you have any questions!


 Master Waiting List


1. Brooks Family

Atlanta, GA

 medium/standard Goldendoodle (will contact when ready)

2. Butler Family 

Atlanta, GA mini aussiedoodle

3. Altman Family 

Ridgeland, SC Shelby (will contact when ready)
4. Lee Family Georgia Millie?

5. (John) Dawson Family

Charlotte, NC Will contact when ready

6. Brown Family

Atlanta, GA goldendoodle- waiting!

7. Wang Family

Alpharetta, GA Shelby or Chloe Grace- Maggie?

8. Williams Family

  Will contact when ready

9. Lusher Family

Suwanee, GA standard goldendoodle

10. Curell Family

Mayville, MI Will contact us (10/7/20)

11. Jenkins Family

Snellville, GA 10/15/20 Will contact when ready

12. Terek Family

Peachtree City, GA 11/30/20 Will contact when ready

13. Daniello Family

Charlottesville, VA Medium Aussiedoodle- around Fall 2021- Macy

14. Crist Family 

Alpharetta, GA Guardian Family  Lydia
15. Weatherly Family Marietta, GA. 

 Guardian for Darby

16. Harris Family

Atlanta, GA medium Red female goldendoodle
17. Lowther Family Atlanta, GA Medium female Aussiedoodle or Goldendoodle
18. Jackson Family Smyrna Ga.  Mini
19. Lee Family   Alpharetta, GA.  Mini Goldendoodle
20. Stow Family  Alpharetta Bella B pup
21. Upton family  Atlanta medium female - Late May/Early June
22. Goins Family (possible Guardian)  Suwanee, Ga.  medium 

23. Rothberg Family

Atlanta, GA medium Goldendoodle 

24. Siegel Family

Atlanta, GA miniature Goldendoodle

25. Tauritz Family 

Auburn, AL medium male Goldendoodle or Doubledoodle (apricot, cream, red)

26. Kingsley Family

MD   mini female chocolate  Aussiedoodle (2nd AGD pup)
27. Remmert Family Atlanta mini female doodle 
28. Wallace Family  Fayetteville, GA medium female GD or DD, open to colors except white 
29.  Horkan Family  Atlanta medium female GD or DD, apricot (possible Guardian)
30.  Cutcher Family  Ohio medium doodle 15-40 lbs. 
31.  Watts Family  GA large male Aussiedoodle (Spring/Summer 2021)
32.  Childers Family Fairmount, GA female standard (silver, black, cafe au lait)
33.  Loethschuetz Family Fairfax, VA female medium Aussiedoodle
34.  Diamond Family Decatur, GA medium 
35.  Monaghan Family  Suwanee, GA mini/medium doodle
36.  Moore Family  Atlanta, GA Possible guardian for Story
37.  DeSantis Family  Pt. Lookout, NY mini female Goldendoodle, apricot fleece
38.  Wheeler Family  Dunwoody, GA Medium doodle
39.  Poynter Family  Indian Trail, NC mini apricot female
40.  Robertson Family  Summerville, SC large mini - small medium Doubledoodle
41.  Wunder Family Marietta, GA female, small-medium
42.  Gamble-Webb Family  Monroe, GA mini apricot male Goldendoodle
43.  Saddington Family  Norcross, GA mini apricot
44.  Harbin Family Dallas, GA mini/medium male
45.  Radin Family  Charlotte, NC 40-50 lb. male doodle
46.  Levitt Family  Alpharetta, GA mini-small medium female doodle, any color except black
47.  Kirgiz Family - Pending Atlanta, GA male standard Goldendoodle, cream or apricot
48.  Sutter Family  Tucker, GA 25-40 lb. Doubledoodle
49.  Gerrells Family  Murrayville, GA  mini-medium doodle with unique coloring 
50.  Aguayo-Granados Family  Dominican Republic mini apricot female
51.  McGee Family - pending Atlanta, GA medium-standard
52. Fields Family  Acworth, GA mini-small medium 35 lbs. max Doodle
53. Williams Family  Lawrenceville, GA standard (40-50 lb. doodle) apricot wooly/curly
54. Watson Family Fairburn, GA Darby's next litter
55.  Martter Family  Atlanta, GA medium male with wavy/fleece coat
56.  Fortner Family  Atlanta, GA mini - medium doodle  fleece or wooly coat
57.  Pope Family  Woodstock, GA mini apricot
58.  Kim Family - pending Atlanta, GA mini Goldendoodle
59. Sobel Family  Atlanta, GA Possible guardian for a female
60.  Bateman Family  Macon, GA small/medium Doodle
61.  Lampros Family Lilburn, GA standard apricot fleece - Summer 2021
62.  Swope Family Loganville, GA mini doodle - Aussiedoodle preferred 
63.  Desai Family  Atlanta, GA medium standard doodle
64.  Steward Family - pending   medium Aussiedoodle
65.  Bianchi-Rabinowitz Family Bethesda, MD mini doodle