Choosing a Puppy

The Puppy Picking Process!

Step 1: Submit a puppy application.

Step 2: Be approved! This is where we can talk about your family's dream puppy!

Step 3: Send in your nonrefundable $300 deposit in check form (I will tell you the address to send it to once you let me know you are sending in a check!)

Step 4: You will be added to the master list & your litter of choice on my website's upcoming litter page.

Step 5: When the puppies turn 4 weeks old, you will receive your going home instructions! This email contains all sorts of information you'll need, including info about training and setting up a visitation at 5-6 weeks.

Step 6: Puppy selections are not done until the puppies turn 7 weeks old and the vet gives them their puppy health check. After she is done, I will go down the waitlist and families will choose their puppy! The families on the list are in order of when they sent in their application and deposit. Puppy pickup can be scheduled at this time as well!

Step 7: It's time to pick up your puppy! At 8 weeks (no training), the pickup takes about 45 minutes, where we will go over information in your binder and going home instructions. If you choose our training program, pickup will take about 2 hours for the training segment (which we like for you to video record) and about 30 minutes for the going home information. 


A note: My days are filled with looking after, training, and caring for my dogs and puppies! Because of this, sometimes it is hard for me to answer my phone or check my emails as often as I should. Texts are much, much easier for me to reply to and that is my preferred means of communication. Talking on the phone is definitely an option, it might just take a few tries! Please don't be afraid to text or call me multiple times if I don't get back to you in a timely manner :)