Puppy Praises!

 Ruthie/ Rhett  F1 Aussiedoodle                           Feb.2011

Dear Laurie,
I love Wrigley so much! He is now about a year and he knows so many commands and
knows at least 50 vocabulary words. I always feel safe with him because he is a good guard dog, but he also makes friends so easily. He is very sweet. He is
really good about going into his crate when we leave for school in the morning.
He’s so adorable. Sometimes he wants to herd us so he lies down, centrally
locating himself so that he can see all of my family. He is so fun to take on
walks because so many people stop and ask us what kind of dog he is, which is
great because he loves all of the attention and all of the belly rubs. He is the
best addition to our family.Love, Grace




 Hey Laurie, Ruby (little red puppy from spring 2009)  is such a great dog.  I get compliments on her wherever I go…And I take her everywhere.  She is my hiking, biking, skiing and snowshoe buddy.  Everyone loves her mellow friendly personality!
Congrats!  You did a great job with her…I would be happy to be a reference if you ever need one…
Jayne   Jan, 2014

 Sophie and Tucker  Litter                                             January 3, 2011

F1b Aussiedoodle                                                       


Well hello there and Happy New Year!  Hope you and your family are doing well and had a great holiday.  We are doing well and we went to our beach home for the New Year and I thought I would send you a few of my favorite pics of Blake and Crush that I took.  Let me know if you can't open them.  Crush has been SO much fun and we are so thrilled to have him in our home.  He is adjusting well and is very smart learning our commands and routines.  Blake is nuts for him as are we.  I cannot tell you how many people stop us to talk about him and I have given your name to about 10 potential AD owners.  I actually had a woman stop traffic and run into the street to see him leaning out of my jeep.  He is quite the looker.  I still have your pet grass to get back to you and please feel free to use us as a reference.

Take care Laurie.

David, Ben and Blake

Blake and Crush!!   Best Buddies!!


Crush  3 1/2 months old!!



                                                Dakota and Rhett Goldendoodle


Hi Laurie.                            

 I wanted to send you a quick note to tell you thank you and let you know how much we love Ellie!  She is a wonderful puppy and has transitioned so well into our family and our home.  From the beginning we have been impressed with her.  She has slept through the night every night with no interruptions.  She has never been timid or afraid of us, our children or our dog, Truman.  Instead, she has shared lots of kisses with us all, especially Truman!  In the week since we got her, she has had only one potty accident in our house, and that was my fault because I wasn't watching her.  The crate training you did with her has made this a much more enjoyable week than we expected.  Our vet was very impressed with her as well.  She said it was evident she was bred well and very healthy.  It was a hard decision whether or not to take on the added responsibility of a new puppy, and we want you to know how much we appreciate your patience with us.  You were always so kind and understanding, and willing to answer questions.  After talking with so many breeders, it was refreshing to find one that we could trust to be honest and not just tell us what we want to hear.  We are so grateful for your integrity.  I've attached some pictures so you can see how perfect she fits with our kids.  You should get a huge laugh out of our 3 year old hanging out in the crate with her!  She is still beautiful as you can see.  Thanks again!
Cindy Barrow              

                                  Ellie and her kids!!                                      







 Jessica and Steves Goldendoodle Wally

Hi Laurie,  

Great to hear from you. Sorry we haven't been in touch - as you predicted, things have been quite busy with the school year starting up here.   

Wally is doing wonderfully!! We are so in love with him and can't wait to come home to him each day.  A stressful day at work is definitely so much more manageable now that we've got our puppy to come home to!  We have hired a dog walker for him while we're at work so he's getting some good exercise mid-day while we are at work.  Crate training is definitely much better than last we spoke - he seems to be completely house trained (haven't had an accident in weeks) and he is perfectly fine going into the crate at night. (He still isn't loving it during the day but each day seems a little better.)  
Wally went to the Vet today for his final vaccination - Yippee!!! He is just about 15 weeks and he weighed in at 23 pounds... he is definitely a growing boy! He has a gorgeous fleece coat... he doesn't shed a bit... and his coloring is beautiful.  Everyone who meets him can't get over how gorgeous and adorable he is!! He is a hit everywhere we take him and all of the neighborhood children love him.  When they see him coming down the street, they all yell "Hi Wally!!"  He is also very playful with both people and other dogs. His best friend at the moment seems to be a Husky who lives down the street - we try to give them playtime together everyday because they have so much fun together!
The training is going pretty well.  We have our third training class on Saturday morning.  He has sit down pat.  He's getting better with down and come.  We have been working hard on the jumping and he is definitely improving with that.  He is definitely a very smart dog -- sometimes too smart that he gets pretty sneaky around the house... haha :)  
I will take some updated pics in the next few days of Wally and upload them as soon as I can. We saw the photo of Wally's brother, Max, on your website - he is so cute too!! They definitely look like brothers! 
That's great news that Rachel is having another litter... I'm sure those pups will be adorable because as we know well, she makes some cute babies!!! Hope all is well with you!

Jessica & Steve                                        September 2009